Let There Be Light!

And lots of other stuff.

Long time since my last post, and a lot of construction progress on the Cape Cod house.  I packed up all the household items to clear the decks and settled in to FINISH this house before monkeying around decorating it.  Even though the monkeying around is the best part.

First, on this Father’s Day, I’d like to thank my husband, and father of our furry children, for all this hard work on my house.  The hardest being listening to me swear a blue streak when the glue doesn’t stick, tiny bits of things snap off to be lost forever in the Bermuda Triangle of my work area, and the mini saw sends wooden shrapnel hurtling at me aimed with deadly precision at my eyes ON PURPOSE.

He single-handedly put the lights in on the first floor of the house despite the fact that I had never anticipated where to put the lights, didn’t allow for things like wires and grooves and little holes while I was banging everything together, and blithely assumed that everything would work out OK and I could lounge in the recliner binge-watching classic Dr. Who and eating Klondike bars.

And I was right:



Doesn’t the kitchen look all nice and cosy with the lights on?  Granted, they’re sticking out of the ceiling without benefit of any sort of globes or fixtures.  He created a false ceiling for all those pesky wires, and then drilled holes to accommodate shorts bits of white plastic tubing to hold the lights.  There’s also a white plastic washer around each hole on the ceiling to suggest trim around recessed lighting.

But the lighting isn’t quite as recessed as I had hoped.  It’s a bit dim unless the bulbs are poking out of the ceiling like…dare I say it…a lot of tiny exposed nipples.  But that’s what happens when you don’t PLAN.  I’ll see about rigging up some globes to cover this shocking display at some point.  But general construction is the priority!

Next up, hubby constructed my shed dormer.  The kit had a simple sloping roof, but I wanted a roomy bedroom and bathroom, not poky little crawl spaces up there.  I did help with the dormer.  I put the glue on so he could stick it to the house.  He couldn’t have done it without me.




Et, voila!


Inside, I put up the wall to separate bedroom and bathroom and YES, I did this bit all on my lonesome.  I also put in these little swing out windows after putting some black mullions in them to make them 2 over 2.  I envisioned the tiny inhabitants throwing the windows open and bathing in the sea breeze!  Unfortunately, the plastic inserts suffered from the process (Crazy Glue + Plastic = Disaster) and now I’m pretty sure a quick glance out of a couple of them would make you think a damned serious fog had just rolled in from the ocean.  (Like that horror movie, aptly entitled The Fog.) Oh, well.  I guess that just adds to the ambience.

I will end here for now (although construction has gone far beyond this point now), having showcased my husband’s monumental contributions to my small vacation home.  Kudos – and Happy Father’s Day – to him!