Wicked Little Things

First things first!  I’m totally THRILLED that I earned an Honorable Mention in the Undersized Urbanite competition!!!  All the entries were fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed entering so many mini worlds once the heat was off and I didn’t have to worry about being demoralized by the great work everyone was doing.  I had THE best time participating in the competition and the HM was the icing on the cake.  Thank you to everyone who voted for me!

Now it’s back to business!

The Urban Dictionary defines the word wicked as “New England slang that adds emphasis” similar to very; really; extremely.

Having undergone a CMC arthroplasty on March 3 – removal of the trapezium bone in my thumb – I’ve been sidelined for lo these many weeks from construction on the Cape Cod.  First 2 weeks in a cast and now finishing up my second week in a splint which immobilizes my poor widdle trapezium-less thumb.  Total recovery is about 3 months.  I’ve read my Kindle dry, I  can’t surf one more Hulu wave and was feeling totally crazed watching the house sink into a derelict shack, set upon by wind and rain, its roof sagging forlornly. Metaphorically speaking, as it actually has no roof and the weather right next to the pellet stove tends to be balmy, bordering on tropical.  But you know what I mean.

So, for the last couple of weeks out of the cast, I’ve been working on VERY little things.  Wicked little.  Maybe I can’t put in lighting or reconstruct the kitchen unit that I have – surprise! – torn out already, but I can do little projects here and there just to keep a hand in.  And I mean a hand.  Luckily, the recuperating thumb is on my left hand.  I’ve pressed the fingers into service to hold onto bits and pieces securely enough for me to work on them with my right.  But first, here’s the last projects I finished just before I went under the knife:


When you live in a house near the ocean, you need your favorite flip flops for hitting the beach, right?


You can just kick them off into the boot tray inside the front door and let the stones soak up the sand and salt water.  No muss, no fuss!

I attempted to follow the pictorial tutorial done by Monica at Fabulously Small, but she lost me early on!  So I improvised.  I did use her printie of the flip-flop as a template for mine, with a couple of layers of black poster board for the soles and heels.  I found the fabric pattern on Fabrics.com and squished it down to size, printing it on plain white fabric using freezer paper.  The straps were just narrow white wire that glued into holes in the soles and colored blue with a permanent marker.

I also scrapped the end tables in the living room and made new ones to match the coffee table using walnut strips, which I then oiled until they were nice and dark.  And to keep them dust free I needed a little can of Pledge:


How sad is this?  I stripped a RL can of pledge of its label, scanned it, printed it on photo paper and glued it to a piece of wooden dowel as close to 1:12 scale as possible.  The I cannibalized the top from a felt tip pen for the cap.  I had so much fun I stripped lots of other containers in the house and now the all have their contents labeled on bare metal with a Magic Marker so I don’t go spraying the furniture with Scrubbing Bubbles.

So, after my surgery, I started back in with small projects!


Like some propane cylinders for the emergency lantern if the house loses power in a (perfect) storm.  More stripping and scanning – I love it!


Paint cans for storage in the utility room. Yes, naked paint cans in my basement.


I found this hammer charm, along with pliers and some sort of wrench, at A C Moore. The hammer was a funny bronze color, the handle was metal and of course there’s that big old loop on it for dangling from a bracelet, so I chopped the hammer’s head off and spray painted it silver, then whittled out a proper wooden handle.


I had to bust the pliers to make them CLOSE as they look ridiculous gaping open, and just crazy glued it back together.  Looks a bit wonky, but the lady of the house is no great shakes with tools and has dropped the pliers about a hundred times, and that’s my story. The screwdriver was made from a yellow push pin.   During production, the rabbits called the cops to complain about the noise the belt sander was making (something like a gigantic tractor-trailer squeezing through a tunnel about 2 times too small for it), as well as the distinctive odor of melting plastic.


But I really wanted to make some furniture!  I had planned on a tall, narrow cabinet for the kitchen and found a artisan signed jelly cabinet with a sort of “folk art” painting on the door on Ebay that had sold for $70.  Too rich for my blood. But Ebay very helpfully showed all sides of the cabinet, so I was able to see that I could replicate it pretty easily to my own dimensions.  This was my first effort, which served mostly to show me where I was going wrong.


My second effort was better.  The Ebay cabinet boasted an opening door and shelving.  I dug out some tiny hinges from my stash and after careful contemplation, decided that I could save myself a great deal of agony if I used a false door.  Which means no shelves (ergo, no jelly, but I prefer marmalade anyway).  And no bottom (which would have had to be notched to fit around the legs and that just wasn’t happening).  I painted it with Waverly chalk paint in a nice blue called Agave that I snagged at the craft store just cause it was pretty. Next, I needed a “folk art” painting for the door.


The pictures in my kitchen are by Donna from the folkartbydonna Etsy shop.  I asked her if I could copy some of the photos in her shop and shrink them down for my dollhouse.  She was happy to give me permission.  I chose this one for the cupboard door.


Here’s the cupboard in the kitchen.  Please excuse the mess!  Kitchen renovation is a nightmare! And no, I still haven’t finished the staircase.  The balusters and rail keep falling off.


Good heavens!  Look at all the bunny fur EVERYWHERE!


This is Sebastian, the spoiled brat who has to be with me at ALL TIMES and it’s his fur that litters the Cape Cod house.  He is obviously unapologetic. (And yes, he has eyes, and they’re the sweetest hazel color ever!)

Slowly, but surely, I’m getting back up to speed.  There’s so much work to be done!

One thought on “Wicked Little Things

  1. Congratulations on your HM! You are wonderfully talented. The work you do amazes me, but to be able to do it with a busted thumb is even more amazing. How will you ever catch a ride home? Oh wait, you do have that other thumb. Keep up the good work and keep telling us, your captive audience, all about it!


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