That’s all, folks!

Final photos of kitchen and living room of the Cape Cod house.  Far from finished – I have 2 rooms to go – but I promised myself I would get these rooms done by the competition deadline.








4 thoughts on “That’s all, folks!

  1. Bittersweet – yup, that’s the emotion I am feeling on this snowy eve. Loved your latest work and post – gorgeous! Your attention to detail is admirable. So glad you decided against the flatscreen so that darn fish could watch Hulu all day. And your poor “delicate little hands”. How you suffer for your craft and our entertainment. Please say it isn’t true – even though the competition is almost over, please don’t leave us hanging. I want to see and hear about the rest of your work on this beautiful home.


  2. Don’t worry! I’m going to keep working on the house and complaining – I mean blogging – about the misery and pain – I mean joy and wonder – of my little Cape. Plenty to come – shed dormer, bathroom with washer/dryer, bedroom with windows opening onto the panoramic vista of the Atlantic Ocean! And let’s not forget a couple miles of chimney. There’s some mileage in the old girl yet. As always, I am so appreciative of your kind, encouraging words!


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