My Personal Best

OK.  The UU competition is drawing to a close and I’ve managed to semi-finish two rooms of a four room house.  I guess you’d say that’s my personal best!  And I stand by it!

Not much commentary this time.  You know what they say, one picture is worth a thousand words.  And frankly, I’m beat.  I just wanted to finish up the living room of the Cape Cod house, and I mostly did.  There’s still tons of “little things” left to do in the utility room, the kitchen and the living room.  Books.  Dishes.  Lamps (and the entire lighting system).  Plants.  All those little things that make a house a real home.  Not to mention the wall mounted flat screen TV I’m going to hoist up so the fish decoy can watch Hulu all day.  Otherwise, he gets bored and then all bets are off.  He’s been known to trash the house in a fit of boredom.

I know I said that my sofa and chair were going to be made from a Mitchymoo tutorial.  BUT.  I had had my heart set on this gorgeous sectional on Josje’s A Beautiful World site.  And she has a short tutorial on how she made it.  I took one look at it and thought, “Ummmm…..NO! No way, no how, major bad mojo for me to get into this!”  The Mitchymoo sofa looked so much easier and was lovely in its own right.  But, like an itch you can’t reach to scratch, that sectional preyed on my mind.  I wanted it, and I wanted it bad.  Finally, I broke down and went for it.  I used some of the bits from the Mitchymoo tutorial to work around the fiddly parts that stymied me (fusible bond is awesome!!!!), and it didn’t turn out quite like Josje’s, but what the heck!  I actually finished it instead of tossing it my own personal scrap heap, and I’m proud of that.

I added a low, square coffee table (I would have one in RL about 6′ x 6′, I LOVE those things!)- a pine square covered in walnut flooring strips, sanded and gussied up with some tung oil.  I’ll wax it when it’s dry.  The end tables are also bits of pine with walnut – the legs are temporary.  They didn’t come out the way I had envisioned, but they do the trick for now.   The beach “terrarium” on the table is from GoFloat on Etsy – it’s sold as a ring and I asked if I could the bubble without the ring part.  I love it!  The fish is a miniature “antique decoy” from barbplevan, also on Etsy.  It’s got the cutest little teeth!  I couldn’t get a good shot of them, but take my word for it, it has a delightful fishy grin.  And the lovely teal pineapple cushions on the sofa were made by none other than Brae Oktober – I got them from her Otterine shop.  Pineapples are a traditional colonial American symbol for hospitality and when I saw these cushions – HAD to have them!

I made the framed map of Cape Cod, the little magazines and the newspaper with my own delicate little hands. Which are now merely cramped claws after this marathon miniaturing session. Hah!

Without further ado, here are some construction pics and my (semi) finished living room:
















So much more to do!