What have I gotten myself into?!

This blog has been created solely for the purpose of entering the Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest.  I’ve only been into miniature houses for three years.  I can’t use a ruler properly.  I’m afraid of power tools.   Converting real life measurements into 1:12 scale makes me break down in tears.  I have never written a blog.  I’m pretty sure I don’t know what I’m doing.  I’ll probably make a fool of myself.

This is going to be a blast!!!

4 thoughts on “What have I gotten myself into?!

  1. Haha! Can’t wait to get to know you and see what you’re going to build. Thanks so much for joining! 4 years ago, I started my blog with my first dollhouse as well. You’re going to love it all.


  2. Hi I follow Christina site and I love miniatures, and i.fantasize about making a house bit I have never created any. But.I would live to. So.when in read ur comment about your novice status it has encouraged me. I Dont know where to start. I know it is important to create because it gives us positive energy. Any way enjoy. Christian


    1. Hi, Chris! I started with a Lego house! My husband is into Legos and he got a house kit for me. It was OK, but I wanted more. So I did a room box, which I loved. I moved on to a small dollhouse kit, then a larger one, and now have two VERY large houses under construction. Try a room box – it’s an inexpensive way to start and not so large that you’re overwhelmed. And there are so many very generous miniaturists on the web sharing tutorials that can help you build your confidence and your skills. I agree absolutely that creativity is beautiful positive energy!


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